My cholesterol has come down and sugars are better. I hope to learn more as I continue with Abundant Health NOW! Program. Linda (Start A New YOU! Participant)

I consider myself fairly well educated about health and was surprised at how much I learned and how easily it changed some of my behaviors. The accountability helped me stay on track. I really appreciate Dana’s non-judgmental approach and her willingness to make adjustments to create smaller steps that felt doable to me! Pam (Start A New YOU! Participant)

Dana is very knowledgeable, engaging and supportive. She encourages healthy food choices, exercise and prayer. A great recipe for A New YOU! Kim (Start A New YOU! Participant)

“I have known Dana West personally for the past several years. I have worked closely with her on a number of health related projects most recently on the Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP), which we conducted in Sarasota, FL. This was a five-week health seminar which encouraged participants to take charge of their own health by making healthy lifestyle changes. I can honestly say that the success of this program was in part due to the participation and leadership of Dana who played major roles in this seminar. I know Dana to be very conscientious, hardworking and reliable. I also know for a fact that she “lives what she preaches.” I strongly endorse her health and cooking class programs and would highly recommend her to anyone.” Dennis Imperio, M.D.

“Dana is a very special person! She helped me understand my diet. Her instructions were very thorough and easy to understand. I just have to remember everything! She has been a blessing to me and I have learned so much. It has been a pleasure working with Dana!” Davon.

I began to drink a lot more water and lowered my blood pressure by 15 points. A change in diet and more exercise caused me to lose about 8 pounds. I now go walking morning and evening. This is a good program! Toni (Start A New YOU! Participant)

“Dear Dana, Thank you so much for helping me. Your program was the best time I have had in a long time! I felt I learned a lot from you.” Monica

“Dear Dana, We really had an unforgettable experience! Thank you ever-so-much for helping both of us, it was fabulous to learn from you.” Yvonne.

“Dear Dana, Thank you so much for presenting the seminar Fitting Vegetarianism into Today’s Modern Lifestyle at our Chesapeake camp meeting this year. It was one of the best seminars in our program and certainly was well attended…” J. Neville Harcombe, Chesapeake Conference, President.

“Dear Dana, You have done an absolutely first rate job in providing dietary consultations. You have demonstrated an ability to handle a wide variety of assignments in the teaching and supervision of patients with complex medical problems. I praise you for your commitment to your clients. I credit you with a lot of hard work and high professional standards. On behalf of the physicians at Renal Medicine and our business staff, thank you for your contributions.” John Cipoletti, CEO.

“I have been acquainted with Dana West in her role as a Registered Dietitian for over 2 years. She has provided nutrition consultations and diet counseling to many of my patients. She has shown a real commitment to her work and one can tell she enjoys very much what she is doing. The patients have conveyed to me that they are pleased with her work and are very appreciative of the time that she has spent with them. I believe she has particularly shown attention in a very positive way to the disadvantaged, including children with disabilities, who had special nutritional needs, as well as conveying her concern to the parents. She has been influential in helping several diabetic patients with dietary instruction to help them lose weight, and in so doing, she has been very instrumental in helping patients control their diabetes with diet alone. I have been, as noted above, quite impressed with her abilities, and I am sure that she will continue to serve her nutrition patients and clients quite well.” Lenard Wagner, MD Dept. of Family Practice.

Dana West, Registered Dietitian, has worked with my patients in recent years. I first became familiar with Mrs. West’s professional work as the then Chairman of the Infection and Therapeutics Committee. I was very impressed with her fund of knowledge, her dedication and pleasant way with patients. I recommend her without reservation.” Frank Maldonado, MD.

“Dana West helped in the care of my patients. She would carefully explain the necessary diet items to my patients and would always offer helpful suggestions concerning their diets. Mrs. West was always available and cheerful and professional. She got along very well with the patients as well as the medical staff. She has my highest recommendation.” John B. Kernan, MD.

“Thank you for the dietary and health information you shared with myself and my husband. He started drinking more water and is feeling much better.” Charles and June.

“Dearest Dana, Friends like you are few and far between. I cannot begin to thank you for all you have done for me. I so appreciate it more than you will ever know. I remember how you helped me the first day I never smoked! I am now smoke-free for over a year! Praise GOD and you! I also want to thank you for teaching me about the Bible. I have enjoyed it so much!” Dee.

“Dana West, R.D. is a graduate from Andrews University in Michigan with a Bachelor’s degree in dietetics. As a Registered Dietitian her experience includes helping individuals with their specific dietary needs and challenges. Dana is a Dietitian Consultant and has also conducted several cooking classed in this area for diabetes, cardiac and vegetarian meal plans. At this cooking class Dana will be presenting some easy to follow tips and recipes to spice up your life!” Lea County Extension Service.

“Hi Dana, Just wanted to thank you for yesterday. Dick and I really appreciated your workshop. You are a very pleasant presenter and easy to listen to. We will now do our best to put the good information to practice in our lives.” Dick and Betty.

“Thank you, Dana, you really helped our staff out by knowing the appropriate diets for our residents and future diabetic residents. Your information was well needed.” Carrie Cooper, Medical Liaison, Humphrey House Staff.

“Dear Dana I just wanted to take the time to thank you for tutoring me [through my dietetic internship]. Thank you for working around my schedule.” Gelle.

“Dear Dana, I went to see Dr. B today. I am pleased to say I am now off glipizide and take only 1 glucophage. Doctor was very pleased with my blood sugars. I am down another 5 pounds making almost 60 pounds lost. I have you to thank, Dana!” Mary.

“I attended Dana’s Start A New YOU! live-in health retreat. After four days I was off insulin and my diabetes medication. I have lost 17 pounds in the 24 days I was with Dana and have lost an additional 75 pounds since leaving the retreat a year ago. If you want to get your diabetes under control, talk to Dana.” Dave.

“If you have high blood pressure, heart issues, have had or are at risk for a stroke or a heart attack, or even if you think you’re healthy, you don’t need to be the statistic of 1 in 3 who die from heart disease. You are the one in charge of your health! If you want to know how to make a change, I highly recommend scheduling a visit with Dana West, She helped me get my health back.” Wendy

“I have often read recipes and thought, “Maybe I’ll make this someday, it’ll be more healthy.” Then somehow it doesn’t happen – probably because I never really got to “taste” the new food via imagination. Then I participated in Dana’s fun, hands-on cooking classes with easy-to-follow recipes followed by sitting down and sampling the results with others in the class. Wow, a whole different ballgame! Each cooking class provides a different recipe at each of four to eight fully-equipped cooking stations along with all the listed ingredients. There may be some you’ve never heard of, let alone used before, but all are designed to expand one’s health horizons in unexpectedly tasty ways. After everyone’s dish is complete, we share the feast together … and there’s always at least one dish I never thought of making or eating which becomes a delicious go-to in my own kitchen. Take it from a former avowed carnivore and comfort food junkie: these hands-on cooking classes are a real game changer!” Cheri