Resolution Tips From Dietitian Dana West, RD, LD

Are you wanting to be healthier in the new year?

 Have you or are you planning to make some New Year resolutions?

 Most individuals have trouble sticking to their resolutions to the point we have National Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day, just 17 days into the new year; January 17.


Why Resolutions Fail

 1. Too big, unrealistic or overwhelming

 2. Not specific or not attached to your other goals

 3. Do not track progress or establish a time when goal should be completed

 4. Motivated because someone else nagging you (not really something you want to do)

 5. Too rigid or absolute



Here are some tips for resolution success all the way through to the end of the year:


With Basic Steps

01 Start with this

 Create a Resolution that is specific and states the positive (what you are going to do not what you are not going to do.) For example, try “I will be tobacco free in 2018” instead of “I will not smoke”. Make sure it is a goal that is important to you, something YOU want.

02 Afterwards do this

Create a resolution that is manageable and measureable, yet challenging. Here are some good examples: I will lose ½ pound to 1 pound a week for 10 weeks.

03 Then do this

Make your plan into a workable checklist, clearly defining the major steps you will need to accomplish over time. Then break those larger goals down into small, individual, daily action steps so you can track your progress. Here’s an example of daily goal tracking: “I will weigh in every day and will make adjustments in my eating and exercise goals as needed to achieve my weekly goal.”

04 Finally, do this

Tap into the power of accountability. Choose someone who is as motivated as you are and check in with them frequently (at least weekly, but may need to be daily!)


This is Your Year!

Make it all you want it to be!

Want to start a this new year with a brand new you? Work with Dana today!