I just received the following short and sweet refocus from my friend and mentor, Gordon Ochs, and thought you also might benefit.

It has been a little over two weeks since some have made New Year’s Resolutions. Wonder if they are still on track? Or perhaps there are some who have decided it’s a losing battle and not worth the aggravation.

According to Laurie Cameron, Mentor Coach and Trainer and author of The Journey from Fear to Love, there are many reasons why resolutions don’t stick.

See if any of these feel familiar:

  1.  Too big or too unrealistic; they create a sense of being overwhelmed.
  2.  “Floating” Resolutions; they’re not attached to your vision.
  3.  Externally motivated; they’re what someone else thinks you should do or want.
  4.  Too rigid or absolute

Laurie implies that Re-framing Resolutions to Creating Positive Change can make a big difference. She states if you want to create positive change in your life, try some strategies to help increase the chances for success:

  1.  Choose a resolution/change that feels manageable, yet still challenges you.
  2.  Be sure your goal is clearly attached to your vision; achieving it will take you toward your vision rather than away from it.
  3.  Be clear that your resolution/change/goal is something YOU want.
  4.  Have a plan that not only defines the major steps over time, but also the small, individual action steps you can take on a daily basis.
  5.  Consider having an accountability partner who is as motivated as you are.

Gordon Ochs, Certified Coach