Got Grain Brain?


Oats can have an invigorating and stabilizing effect, improve mental performance and can help bring balance to the nervous system.

Regular oat consumption (at least once a day) is recommended for those suffering

  • nervousness
  • fatigue
  • mental exhaustion
  • insomnia
  • depression

Oats also protects the mucosa of the digestive tract and are high in fiber.

Fiber helps us feel full faster and longer, and can therefore help cut down on the calories and snacks we eat!

The bran in oats is wonderfully effective in lowering cholesterol.

For those who need to be gluten-free, gluten-free oats are widely available at most grocery stores!

Having a healthy, well-functioning brain, will make overall health more achievable.

Oats are a very nutrient-rich grain that has all the most important nutrients for proper functioning of the brain’s neurons; rich in glucose, fatty acids, phosphorus, lecithin, calcium, iron, and vitamin Bs.

Oats: The good for everyone growing; young, old or anywhere in between!
Eat some oats today!

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